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HairMax Review: Are HairMax’s laser hair regrowth devices legit?

We tested HairMax and analyzed the scientific evidence behind its products -- learn all details before you buy

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2021
HairMax review

Over half of men by age 49 will experience moderate to significant male pattern hair loss. Though men experience hair loss in greater numbers early in life, hair loss also happens among women – 30 million women in America experience female pattern baldness. In some cases, common hair loss medications are not suitable for people with hair loss. Others understandably do not want to take additional medications if it’s avoidable. And that’s where HairMax promises to help.

HairMax is a company dedicated to helping people retain healthy hair, with a number of different products to help accelerate hair growth and minimize hair loss. While HairMax also offers shampoo, hair-care lotions, supplements, and more, the main line of HairMax products utilizes laser technology and innovative scientific techniques to help maximize hair growth.

Are its hair loss treatment devices legit? Are the devices a good value? What if they don’t work for you? We thoroughly tested HairMax and analyzed evidence in support of its treatment methods. You can learn all of the details in this review.

Review Summary


  • One of the oldest laser hair loss companies offering top-of-the-line technology
  • Studies suggests low-level laser therapy can stop hair loss and promote regrowth
  • Laser hair regrowth products require an easy, low-maintenance routine
  • No medications involved
  • Regarded as safe for both men and women
  • Good return policy for some expensive products


  • Laser hair regrowth products are expensive
  • In studies, low-level laser therapy doesn’t work for everyone
  • As with other hair loss treatments, effects are not immediate

Bottom line

HairMax is a reliable company that produces high-tech products and supplements for preventing hair loss. If you’re struggling with hair loss and have tried a number of other products with no success – or do not wish to take medication for the condition – then HairMax might be a great choice for you. The main products use a unique laser-based approach that has been verified as safe and effective by a number of scientific tests, and many customers seem to be happy. HairMax also offers a useful return policy on its more expensive laser products, provided that you return the product in its original condition.

Our Top Picks


HairMax offers a hair loss treatment option that clinical trials show to be effective, without surgery or ongoing medications.

HairMax’s line of laser hair regrowth devices are easy to incorporate into your routine and suitable for both men and women. Alongside these devices, the company also offers hair products and supplements to promote healthy hair.

LaserBand 82
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
LaserBand 41 ComfortFlex
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is HairMax?

HairMax is a company that is built around helping people grow their hair. Hair loss is incredibly common for both men and women. In fact, it begins happening to about 20% of men by the time they reach age 20, while half of women will experience noticeable hair loss in their lives. 95% of hair loss among men is attributed to male pattern baldness (also called androgenic alopecia).

As a company, HairMax aims for stellar customer service. It takes care to recognize that behind every sale is a human being who has placed his or her trust in the company. This is probably why the company seeks to provide suitable return policy options for its customers.

While some people dismiss laser technology as a possible treatment for hair loss, HairMax is actually backed by scientific research. So far there have been seven clinical studies done on HairMax. The fact that the company’s products have actually made it to the clinical testing stage puts it far above many other competitors.

In addition to that, all of its products conform to legal standards and regulations.

How does HairMax work?

There are many products that promise to help restore hair. There are also just as many disgruntled people claiming that none of these products work. What makes HairMax any different than the rest of these products?

First, HairMax is the pioneering brand of laser hair regrowth technology, which puts it at the very head of the game globally. HairMax has developed a product that allows you to utilize hair loss treatments without needing to go anywhere or take any medications.

Much like other hair restoration products, HairMax promises it can achieve the following:

  • Energize and wake up hair follicles that are weak or dormant
  • Prevent hair from thinning further
  • Improve the availability of oxygen and nutrients in the scalp, thereby promoting healthy hair growth
  • Make your hair thicker and stronger

But in fairness, that is what you’ll hear from any hair growth brand. How exactly do these laser hair regrowth products work?

Low-level laser therapy

HairMax uses low level laser therapy (LLLT) to help regrow hair. This technique apparently promotes regrowth in a number of ways.

  • LLLT helps the cells in your scalp produce more ATP, which is a primary form of energy used by cells all throughout our bodies.
  • LLLT helps to balance protein levels, allowing cells to absorb more nutrients.
  • LLLT promotes blood circulation, which allows oxygen and nutrients to reach hair follicles.
  • LLLT causes more cells to proliferate at the bottom of hair follicles so that they can produce more hair.
  • LLLT helps eliminate inflammation in hair follicles, which can inhibit hair growth.

Does LLLT work? Not only are many customers convinced that it has worked well for them, but clinical studies show promising evidence to back up these success stories. In one double-blind randomized controlled trial, LLLT helped 35% more men with male pattern baldness regrow hair. In another study in 2007, 83% of subjects were pleased by the results of LLLT to promote hair regrowth after 14 weeks of treatment.

Most satisfied HairMax customers experience positive effects after 4-6 months of use – another similarity between laser regrowth products and other hair loss treatment methods. This is also consistent with the results in clinical trials.

Is LLLT safe?

LLLT has been used in medicine for decades and is regarded as generally very safe for men and women. Specifically for hair loss treatment, LLLT has been determined safe in clinical trials. However, if you have unexplained or potentially precancerous lesions on your scalp, you should not use any LLLT device before first consulting with a doctor to diagnose the lesions.

HairMax laser hair regrowth products

HairMax has a number of different products, each with its own unique benefits and prices. HairMax laser devices deliver laser energy within the range of wavelengths that has been demonstrated in trials to be safe and effective. In some products, small teeth separate your hair so that the laser light can be delivered effectively to all hairs. Other devices are designed to deliver a different amount of laser energy using a different array of diodes, removing the need to part the existing hair at all.

Laser products

  • Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap ($1,899). HairMax’s most powerful and effective product, the Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap can be worn right on the head where it can deliver laser light directly to the follicles on your scalp. It has been proven to be more powerful and effective than other laser caps on the market and uses 272 medical-grade lasers.
  • LaserBand 82 ($799). This unit contains 82 medical-grade lasers and hair-parting teeth that ensure all of your hair and scalp can be targeted by the laser. Treatments can be delivered quickly, within 90 seconds. The easy portability of this device also makes it very popular.
  • LaserBand 41 ComfortFlex ($549). This unit contains only 41 medical-grade lasers and also contains the hair-parting teeth. These treatments are not as quick as the LaserBand 82, taking about 3 minutes to complete. The ComfortFlex is lightweight and more flexible than some of the other products.
  • Ultima 12 LaserComb and Ultima 9 Classic. These laser devices allow you target specific areas of your scalp that are beginning to thin out. The Ultima version contains 12 lasers, whereas the Classic uses 9. Both are lightweight units with rechargeable batteries.

These items are indeed expensive up-front. The high-quality hair regrowth devices are universally expensive. But consider for a moment that all effective hair loss treatments (aside from surgery, which is even more expensive up-front) must continue for as long as you want to maintain your head of hair. Then add up the cost of the prescription medication you would potentially take instead, since it seems more affordable at the outset. After a couple years of taking that medication every month, your total expenses might start to look a lot closer to the initial, one-time cost of a laser device.

Density Hair Care

The HairMax for Density Bio-Active Hair Therapy is a specific line of products designed to help fight thinning hair. These products use liposome technology to deliver ingredients directly to your scalp. Density Hair Care could be part of a broader hair loss treatment plan in combination with the laser products, or instead used entirely on their own.

  • STIMUL8 Shampoo and EXHILAR8 Conditioner ($25 each). These shampoos use a bioactive complex known as the NRG8pLEX, which allegedly helps to deliver energy and nutrients to your scalp. Both products also contain a variety of potent ingredients, some of which have been used since ancient times in medicine systems like traditional Chinese medicine. The use of reishi mushroom extract, caffeine, and apple stem cells help to accelerate hair growth.
  • RSN8 Pro Scalp Infusion ($35) helps to rejuvenate the scalp and hair. It contains similar ingredients as the shampoo and conditioner but can be used as a supplementary product, or on its own. You can massage it into your hair before bed and sleep with it in your hair.
  • ACCELER8 Hair Booster ($35) is designed to put directly onto your scalp after you’ve finished your shower. The combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and energy boosters helps keep hair health in order to maximize growth.

You can also order HairMax products in packages.

The Shampoo & Conditioner set costs $50, so you don’t really save any money, but the 3-piece Hair Care System will save you $5 on both shampoos and the Hair Booster, totaling $80. HairMax’s 4-piece package, including all of the above hair products, costs $110 for a savings of $10.

Supplements and more

HairMax also offers a variety of different supplements and other products to help improve your hair health.

  • Dietary Supplements ($18). This collection of supplements is designed to help maximize hair growth. Ingredients include biotin, niacin, DHT blockers, and MSM.
  • Quick Dry Hair Towel ($19). This ultra-absorbent towel is supposed to help dry your hair more quickly than a regular towel, allowing you to be gentler on your hair after showering.
  • Hair Fibers ($35). These hair fibers are made with keratin proteins and designed to bind to the hair you’ve already got. This helps to hide thinning areas and can make your hair seem healthier and bulkier.
  • Hair Fiber Applicator ($17) helps to apply the hair fibers evenly across your scalp.

Getting started with HairMax

Getting started with HairMax is as simple as heading over to its website, throwing some of its products into your cart, and checking out.

Once you’ve reached the checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to do an express checkout using PayPal or Amazon Pay. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually enter your shipping address and email before calculating shipping costs and paying with a credit card.

HairMax return policy

Because the company is confident in your satisfaction and dedicated to good service – and since most successful customers experience their successes beginning after 4-6 months of treatment with the laser devices – HairMax offers a 6-month return policy on its LaserBand and LaserComb products. For LaserCap products, there is a one-year return window.

Note that there is a restocking fee for all of these products – you’ll have to pay this 20-25% fee. But this policy makes it much easier for people to take the first step of trying LLLT for their hair loss.

We recommend that you mark your calendars after ordering the product of your choice. Use the laser product as directed, with the understanding that you won’t see improvement for several months – and may in fact see a quick loss of slightly more hair than expected, as with other hair loss treatments, because the devices kick your hair into a different growth phase.

Then, if you don’t notice any improvement after four or five months of using the product as directed, you could assume that you are unfortunately one of the people for whom LLLT isn’t effective.

How we evaluate health products and services

At Innerbody Research, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service. For health-related products and services, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) and product(s) to the customer? For testing services, does the company adhere to the latest and most advanced testing technologies and achieve a very high degree of accuracy? For non-testing telehealth services, is the quality of the service and/or product high enough that we would recommend it to loved ones without hesitation? If not, why not?

User-friendly: How intuitive and user-friendly is the product and/or service? Does it achieve a good degree of user-friendliness for its customers?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, will your data be stored securely? Are payments secure?

Customer support: Particularly in situations where ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t make sense, how well does the company help to make the service ideal for you?

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