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XtendLife Review: Your choice for health supplements and skincare?

We evaluate XtendLife’s health products based on cost, quality, convenience and more

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2021
Xtend-Life review

Health supplements have become increasingly popular as scientific research improves their quality and simultaneously reveals insufficiencies in our modern diets. Three quarters of American adults now take health supplements. In 2019, supplement production was a $32 billion industry in the United States.

Xtend-Life wouldn’t be part of that statistic – and likely wouldn’t want to be; the company is proud of its New Zealand identity, frequently featuring native herbs as part of its products. Xtend-Life makes and sells natural supplements and other health-enhancing products, controlling the entire manufacturing process in its single facility. It delivers a line of products that all aim to promote youthfulness and, as the name suggests, longevity.

Do Xtend-Life’s products work, generating a positive impact in your daily life? Can you order them easily and reliably? We tested the products and examined the science behind them – read on to learn all of the pros and cons of taking Xtend-Life supplements so that you can decide whether to give them a try.

Review Summary


  • A wide product range that addresses over 10 different conditions and body systems.
  • Everything is produced at the company’s own FDA-Compliant facility.
  • Rigorous product testing ensures quality and potency of ingredients.
  • Testing ensures delivery of nutrients in the proper part of the digestive tract.
  • Efficient international shipping policies, and free shipping for large orders.
  • A broad, 365-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping on orders over $60.


  • Some of the research behind Xtend-Life’s superfoods is not conclusive.
  • Because of its location, shipping times to the U.S. are longer and return shipping costs more.

Bottom line

The claim of “extending life” may be bold, but Xtend-Life certainly delivers a high-quality product. It doesn’t simply resell mass-produced supplements from other factories. Rather, Xtend-Life’s products are all formulated and manufactured in-house and rigorously tested for quality control. This helps ensure that you are really getting the ingredients you are paying for, in the amounts advertised and in an easily absorbable form. Xtend-Life’s products will likely be a good investment for you. The company’s dedication to quality and to careful sourcing does raise production costs, so expect some higher prices than the ones you would see at local drugstores.

Our Top Picks


With a focus on proven ingredients and quality control, Xtend-Life delivers high-quality supplements, superfoods and skincare products.

Xtend-Life’s products aren’t the cheapest, but this is because of its dedication to quality on all levels -- guaranteeing potency, smart sourcing, and cruelty-free processes. A yearlong money-back guarantee and free shipping on orders over $60 make it easy to try for yourself.

Women’s Core Wellness
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Men’s Core Wellness
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Total Balance Women’s Premium
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is Xtend-Life?

Right before the turn of the millennium, Xtend-Life was founded in New Zealand by entrepreneur Warren Matthews and bio-scientist Dr. Munem Daoud. Under their initial vision, Xtend-Life products were meant to stave off the symptoms of aging for as long as possible.

Back then, relatively little research had been conducted with regards to age-related cellular damage or the effect of free radicals on the aging process. What Dr Daoud and Matthews did know, however, was that aging can progressively make body systems less adaptable; they start functioning less efficiently, take longer to recover, or even begin to degenerate. This can lead to worsening digestive problems, dwindling hormone production, a weaker immune system, problems creating new muscle mass, or even generalized lack of energy.

Thankfully, however, a big part of this process can be influenced by healthy habits and thorough nutrition. The purpose of Xtend-Life supplements is to provide synergistic blends of ingredients and nutrients that can help stave off the effects of aging for as long as possible, keeping organs and systems functioning like those of a young person.

What products does Xtend-Life offer?

In 2001, Xtend-Life launched its first version of the Total Balance supplement, meant to delay cellular aging in general. During the following years, Xtend-Life’s product range expanded to address specific systems and symptoms and to include superfood extracts and protein powders for athletes. A few years later, it also added a skincare line, Kanapa, to round off its quest for prolonged youth.

Xtend-Life’s catalogue now includes over 50 different products ranging from multivitamins and herbal extracts to superfood-based shakes and beauty creams. The company organizes these products into three main categories:

  1. Dietary supplements

  2. Superfood extracts (Zupafood)

  3. Skincare line (Kanapa)

All of the products share the original unifying characteristic, though: the purported ability to extend life (or at least, youth), improving your general health and specific ailments alike.

Xtend-Life supplements are all made at the company’s facility in Christchurch. Most of its raw ingredients are developed, processed, and packaged in-house. All of its products are created using cruelty-free standards, and nothing is tested in animals. The company routinely sends samples of its protein powders and supplements to an external facility owned by the government of New Zealand for third-party purity testing.

Xtend-Life’s dietary supplements

At first, Xtend-Life dietary supplements were all meant to increase the efficiency of the body as a whole. However, the company has branched out its product offering exponentially over the last decade. Now it includes more specialized supplements that address specific conditions or systems (like heart health, high blood sugar, and yeast infections).

There is still a strong emphasis on holistic health and the idea of different supplements acting synergistically (boosting one another’s effects). Xtend-Life expresses this potential via “Core Wellness packages” that bundle supplements that go well together.

Men’s health supplements

Xtend-Life’s health supplements for men are mainly targeted at men over 40 years old, who are first beginning to see the effects of aging and dwindling testosterone levels.

This product line includes:

  • Total Balance Men’s multivitamin supplements. These come in Standard and Premium versions. They provide a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids meant to enhance general health and muscle mass creation. Prices start at $50.00.
  • Omega 3 and DHA supplements. Meant to improve brain function, these gel capsules contain essential fatty acids made from New Zealand Hoki fish, and DHA, a testosterone precursor. Prices start at $17.95.
  • Kiwi Klenz. This digestive enhancer is made mostly from Kiwi extract. It promotes regular bowel movements. Prices start at $35.50.

These supplements are all sold in bottles of 60.

In addition to individual bottles, you can also buy the following Core Wellness packages, which all include three bottles of different supplements, meant to act in sync.

  • The Core Wellness Men’s Standard package includes a bottle of Standard Total Balance, 1 bottle of Omega 3-DHA gel capsules, and a bottle of Kiwi Klenz digestive capsules for $99.95.
  • The Core Wellness Men’s Premium package includes two bottles of Premium Total Balance, 1 bottle of Omega 3 and DHA gel capsules, and a bottle of Kiwi Klenz digestive capsules for $159.95.
  • The Foundational Health Pack includes one bottle of Standard Total Balance and one bottle of Omega 3 and DHA gel capsules, for $69.95.

Women’s health supplements

Formulated primarily for women ages 25 and older, the women’s health supplements from Xtend-Life are meant to balance your nutrition and support a harmonious endocrine system. This can help prevent many of the distressing symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and more.

There are four main supplements:

  • Total Balance Women’s multivitamin supplements. Available in a Standard and Premium version, these supplements provide a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition to improving nutrition, they promote hormonal health and collagen production. Prices start at $50.00.
  • Omega 3 and QH supplements. Meant to improve brain function and skin healing, these gel capsules contain Omega 3 fatty acids extracted from New Zealand Hoki fish, as well as bio-available Coenzyme Q10. Prices start at $17.95.
  • Advanced Candida Support is made from Horopito Leaf Oil, a plant native to New Zealand, which is believed to keep levels of vaginal Candida albicans in check. This could prevent recurrent yeast infections. Prices start at $22.60.
  • Kiwi Klenz digestive enhancer promotes regularity and starts at $35.50.
Xtend-Life Women’s Total Balance Multivitamin

These supplements are all sold in bottles of 60.

As with the men’s product line, you can also buy the following Core Wellness packages, which all include three bottles of different supplements, meant to act in sync.

  • The Core Wellness Women’s Standard package includes a bottle of Standard Total Balance, a bottle of Omega 3 and DHA gel capsules, and a bottle of Kiwi Klenz digestive capsules for $99.95.
  • The Core Wellness Women’s Premium package includes two bottles of Premium Total Balance, a bottle of Omega 3 and DHA gel capsules, and a bottle of Kiwi Klenz digestive capsules for $159.95.
  • The Foundational Health Pack for Women includes one bottle of Standard Total Balance and one bottle of Omega 3 and DHA gel capsules, for $69.95.

Children’s health supplements

Xtend-Life’s line of children’s supplements is intended for kids between the ages of 4 to 12. In addition to ensuring that your kids will receive all the micronutrients they need to grow, these supplements also aim to foster good brain development and protect their immunity, helping kids reach their best potential both at school and outside of it.

This product range includes two main products:

  • Total Balance Children multivitamin supplements include a combination of 85 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids meant to support children’s development and growth. Prices start at $30.00.
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil Mini Gel Capsules are made from New Zealand Hoki fish. These smaller gel capsules provide a pleasant and child-friendly way to support their brain development and intellectual growth. Prices start at $19.95.

In addition to individual bottles, you can also buy the children’s Core Wellness packages, which include one bottle of each of the above-mentioned supplements, as well as a bottle of Kiwi Klenz. This package comes in two versions: a three-month bundle for children ages 4-5 and a two-month bundle for children ages 6-12.

Specific Condition Management

Xtend-Life Lung Support Plus

Over the past 10 years, Xtend-Life has been continuously expanding its product range to address specific conditions and body systems.

  • The Systemic Care line provides comprehensive nutrition for organs while regulating healthy blood sugar levels. Xtend-Life prices this product at $74 for a bottle of 90 tablets.
  • The CX8 Supplement line includes three different combinations of Omega 3, Marine magnesium, and herbal extracts to support the cardiovascular system. Prices start at $69 for a bottle of 90 capsules.
  • The Neuro-Natural line includes four different products for brain health, emotional management, and increased energy. Prices start at $37.95.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract comes in two different versions (with or without Green Coffee Bean), meant to reduce hunger and help with weight management. Prices start at $19.90.
  • The Immunity line includes two different supplements: Immu-Support for general immunity, and Lung-Support, meant to protect from respiratory infections. Prices start at $27.50.

Superfood Extracts (Zupafood)

Xtend-Life’s Zupafood products were all created to provide highly concentrated and standardized functional foods. Rather than bland capsules and tablets, however, Zupafood products can be turned into fizzy drinks and protein shakes.

This product line includes:

  • Zupafood ELITE. This effervescent powder is meant to be mixed with water. It provides a comprehensive vitamin blend that will improve health, energy, and appearance. Each box comes with 30 packets for $64.35
  • Zupafood SKIN. Similar to the Zupafood ELITE, the SKIN version includes a basic multivitamin blend strengthened by marine collagen, meant to help you upkeep a youthful skin. Each box comes with 30 packets for $57.35.
  • Zupafood GREEN. The GREEN alternative provides a combination of spirulina, barley, grape juice, and wheat, meant to boost immunity. Each box comes with 30 packets for $42.20.
  • Zupa Protein GREENZ and Banana powder. This is whey-based protein, easy to absorb and to digest. It is fortified with collagen and short-chain amino acids. Each jar comes with 227 grams for $29.27.

Skincare Creams (Kanapa)

The Kanapa skincare line consists of dermatologically tested anti-aging creams made from natural ingredients. All products are free of BPA, parabens, and Hydroquinone. These creams are never tested on animals and are certified cruelty-free.

Purifying Cleansing Cream

Gentle enough for daily use, this cleanser can get rid of grime and makeup alike. It also includes moisturizing agents that will help your skin remain soft and supple. Xtend-Life prices this cream at $26.70 for 100 ml.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

This daily cleanser uses locally harvested honey and kiwi extract to refresh the skin, get rid of impurities, and control oil production. The price is $23.75 for 100 ml.

Revitalizing Exfoliating Scrub

Although not for daily use, this stronger cleanser will help you get rid of dead skin cells to achieve a brighter and smoother complexion. $26.50 for 100 ml.

Luminous Facial Serum

This facial serum, designed for people over the age of 40, offers deep moisturizing effects. It also stimulates collagen production and smoothes out wrinkles and signs of aging. $69.00 for 100 ml.

Soothing Eye Contour Cream

This delicate night cream can reduce the visibility of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes, while also preventing existing signs of aging from progressing. $34.50 for 100 ml.

Replenishing Body Lotion

If you want to prevent rough or scaly patches from appearing on your arms, legs, and feet, this moisturizing cream aims to help. It will also help protect your skin from environmental stress. $48.75 for 150 ml.

Softening Hand Cream

Xtend-Life offers this moisturizer to reduce redness and dry patches on your hands and nails. $14.75 for 150 ml.

How to buy from Xtend-Life

No matter how distant the company’s headquarters may be (at least from Americans), buying from Xtend-Life is as simple as ordering from any online retailer. You can browse products by category or by health concern, in addition to using standard site-wide search when you’d like.

The Skincare and Superfood sections are limited enough that you can browse around them easily. Xtend-Life’s supplement range, on the other hand, offers a wider set of options. It isn’t hard to confuse two different Core Wellness packages, so make sure to check the total number of bottles before adding a package to your cart.

At checkout, pay using any major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, or JCB), as well as PayPal or AliPay. Xtend-Life protects you on the payment page using EV-SSL encryption, the strictest currently available standard, and we didn’t find any reports of fraud. The website can process payments in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, and British Pounds.


Xtend-Life offers several standard and premium shipping options that cater to clients all around the world. At first glance, these are surprisingly budget-friendly for international shipping standards:

  • Standard shipping for orders under $60 is just $6.50
  • Standard shipping for any orders $60 or above is free.
  • Premium or priority shipping will vary by region (USA and Canada, South Pacific, East Asia, or the rest of the world). Rates start at $9.50 for orders over $60.

Standard shipping uses New Zealand Post Priority Air Mail, and delivery can take between 10 to 20 days. Premium shipping is done via DHL and usually takes between 4 to 10 days.

You should take into consideration that these prices and timeframes are only valid until the package arrives into the country of destination. Customs and import fees may increase the total price of the order, while also adding a few extra days of waiting time.

Xtend-Life Club

Xtend-Life supplements are all designed for long-term use. Because Xtend-Life is confident you’ll find benefit from using its supplements, the company has designed a “membership program” that helps its long-term clients to access additional savings.

An Xtend-Life Club membership lets you set up automatic subscriptions and access an additional 10% discount on any order placed. It also includes a few minor marketing perks, such as customized alerts whenever specific products go on sale. Membership is free.

Customer care, returns and refunds

All Xtend-Life products come with a 365-day guarantee. During this time, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply email them and ask for a return and refund – a refreshingly easy, customer-friendly process.

Xtend-Life staff is helpful and courteous at all points of this process. The company seems to have no interest in delaying the refund process and it doesn’t harass you with satisfaction surveys, nor does it try to discourage you from returning the items. However, you will need to pay the cost of shipping the items back to New Zealand.

Does Xtend-Life protect my privacy?

Xtend-Life’s privacy policy conforms to what you would expect from any good online retailer. All payment information is encrypted and it is not stored directly by the company. However, Xtend-Life does collect cookies, with your permission. If you sign up for any of their newsletters, it will send your first name and email address to a third-party company that handles its newsletters.

All orders are sent in plain, sturdy packaging, so they won’t attract unusual attention whenever they are delivered. The company labels its products as “Dietary Supplements” or “Cosmetics” (for the KAPALA skincare line) – information that will be declared on any Customs forms.

How we evaluate health products and services

At Innerbody Research, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service. For health-related products and services, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) and product(s) to the customer? For testing services, does the company adhere to the latest and most advanced testing technologies and achieve a very high degree of accuracy? For non-testing telehealth services, is the quality of the service and/or product high enough that we would recommend it to loved ones without hesitation? If not, why not?

User-friendly: How intuitive and user-friendly is the product and/or service? Does it achieve a good degree of user-friendliness for its customers?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, will your data be stored securely? Are payments secure?

Customer support: Particularly in situations where ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t make sense, how well does the company help to make the service ideal for you?

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